We are the Mason Dixon Crew, York, PA  of the Iron Order MC. The IOMC is an independent MC and does not belong to any associations. Our colors are earned & we wear them proudly. We are 100% Law Abiding Three-Piece Patch Club. We believe in Brotherhood & Loyalty and hold that bond Sacred. We come  from all walks of life….mechanics, military, lawyers, doctors, truck drivers, law enforcement and many any other  occupations. We are Brothers & hold that bond as sacred. If  you are looking for a tight brotherhood, love to ride & have  fun along the way or if you're curious & want more info or  have questions use the contact link & drop us an email. If  you see us out on the road come over & meet us. See if the        IOMC is what you've been looking for. 

We run our club by the same traditional MC rules and protocols established over 50 years ago by legitimate motorcycle clubs. There is a strong brotherhood among all chapters of the IOMC and have the same hang around and probationary traditions that legitimate MC's established many years ago and we stand together as loyal brothers within our club.


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